Robert Greene points out the image of The Hunter. He does not lay the same trap for the wolf as for a fox. He does not set bait where one will take it. He knows his prey thoroughly, its habits and hideaways, and hunts accordingly.
And in the same manner the Chinese are coming after the internet and thus the future. Here’s how:

The first step was for the  Chinese government to turn some of the smartest computer scientists into hackers. And then state sponsor them as little knowledge missiles to gather information about our vulnerabilities and most importantly to ascertain and then steal our technological secrets. Although well documented, each day businesses and our government are hacked and our secrets are following back to mainland China. 

The second step was to close the capital loop. With nearly 1.3 billion people, the internet and mobile technology was coming to China regardless of what central communist authorities dictated. But the Americans were (and still are) clearly ahead in both consumer and the efficiency of the enterprise internet. Our capital system, even though it collapsed during the first dot com bubble still has hundreds of thousands of Venture Capitalist, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Private family offices and angel investors who are willing to pump billions of cumulative dollars into speculative companies in the hopes of a one day multiplied return on invested capital. China knew they could not compete with not only the speculative capital but also the home grown talent we have. 

The second part of the capital and technological competitive advantage we continue to have is the fact that most every person who has legitimate talent and wants to change the course of their lives wants to do so here in America. And despite the best efforts of some– we are, as Reagan once told us– that shining star upon the hill. 

So they made a plan to move their consuming public online in the same way the world was moving online. But don’t let the Americans in; close the gates unless they partner with an existing Chinese firm. Famously, Google had to leave China and billions of dollars in China because of the difficulty of doing business there. Likewise for Facebook… and most other American firms. 

China hunted trade secrets and they got ’em. China had to stop their population from being Americanized and they did. And all the while homegrown Chinese internet firms became massive and started to produce as many people using their products as some of our worldwide success stories. In fact you might have heard of Alibaba Group, a company that is about to go public here in America on one our stock exchanges in what will likely be the largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) in history. Others include,,, etc, etc, etc… which means the Chinese are closing their markets to our companies but using our public exchanges to funnel expansion capital back to their startups. 

After going on the offense with the spy hacking for information and vulnerabilities and then playing cultural defense by protecting their startup ecosystem from competition, they went back on the offense to bring even more of our American capital back home to China. 

But their third step shows they actually understand intuitively the world wide internet. And to me, this is the most important step– they are purchasing and buying dot com’s. You read that right. To be a player on the world wide web you absolutely must, without exception, own the right piece of property and have it developed out in a way that drives consumers to your online presence. And if you notice above, each of the companies that I mentioned and the hundreds I did not mention and all of the American public companies are all built on the extension (.com). This despite the fact China has their own extension (.cn) the Chinese entrepreneurs are buying as many dot com’s as they can put their hands on. 

And so should you.

And everyday we work with clients who do not understand this principle and once they get how powerful owning the right name and building the correct site can be, it’s a magnificent thing. Since our team has helped build hundreds of cumulative sites and thus businesses, we understand what it takes to compete for the future and what the Chinese are doing. Sadly– we wish more American businesses and churches understood the power of reaching people online. 

Just this week Chinese companies purchased, from Americans, hundreds of dot com extensions. Most notably a single company paid $1.2 million dollars for the right to use and an unreported $1.2 million dollars for the domain– $2.4 million plus dollars for two domains. The Americans were selling and the Chinese were buying. 

Our team at wants to win the future of the web. So if you are a small business owner, a church, real-estate agent, insurance agent, politician or just anyone with a dream, please get in touch with us so we can help you design, create and build a new and better tomorrow! The world is Global…. what are you going to do about it?